Underglow Furniture LED Light Kit

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Volka Lighting


Make a nice addition for the modern home.  Use  LEDs  to illuminate your furniture. Our LED strip can be easily fitted to chairs, table tops, under beds etc. You only limited by your imagination. LED Lights will give your room a good dose of futuristic flair.

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This kit contains everything you will need to set up your own colour changing strip lighting. Simply connect the LED strip and power supply to the controller plug it in and away you go. LED strip comes with self-adhesive tape on the back to easy installation.

Desired  color or brightened can be selected and adjusted with LED controller. Which is a small intellectual unit with the set of pre-programmed modes that eliminating need for manual intervention. Infra-red remote allows hassle free management of single or multiple units.

RGB LED is a combination of three discrete primary color LEDs in single case. Playing with different color combinations and light intensity up to 16 million colors can be generated.


-Interior decoration elements such as Ceiling, Furniture or Wall light                                                                             

-Art, Display or Ad’s lighting

-Furniture and Appliance e.g. TV backlight and Contour light

-Main light in space constrained places e.g. Working Desk, Bedside, Caravan or Van. 

This list is far from being exhaustive. If your intended application is not listed above, please Contact us  for help.


KIT includes:


–  Water Resistant Decorative RGB LED Strip SMD5050 30 LEDs/m

–  RGB Controller with IR Remote

–  Power Adapter. Australia approved and certified.

Decorative LEDs is an essential element of modern home or office decor. In a darkened room, our eyes are naturally drawn to the well-lit objects such as shelves with jewellery or liquor, reception desk or furniture. With the proper setup LED lighting can effectively multiply visual impression from the other decorative or architectural elements. It also can be used as primary or supplementary light in space constrained places like kitchen overhead cupboard, study desk or caravan/van. 


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