Single Color Mini LED Dimmer with Dynamic Modes

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Volka Lighting


Universal single color mini LED dimmer can dim any 12VDC LED products using Pulse Width Modulation circuit.

8 dynamic flashing modes with adjustable speeds. Maximum load is 5 Amps


Dynamic Mode – Quickly press to adjust the speed of the dynamic modes, 10 different speeds are available.

Static Mode – Quickly press to adjust brightness, 10 levels of brightness are available.

Power Off – Press and hold for about 1 second to switch controller off. Press any key to turn controller back on. On wake-up the controller will resume using the settings in use prior to power off.

LIGHT / Brightness + : Switches to Static Mode. Press to increase brightness. Press and hold key for 1 second to select max brightness.



  1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12. Note: Higher voltage would most likely destroy it.
  2. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.
  3. Warranty for this product is one year. In this period we guarantee replacement or repairing of the item. Warranty void in case of physical damage and current overload

Volka Lighting



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