PIR / Motion Sensor Switch Adjustable Time Settings

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Volka Lighting


PIR Sensor Switch is suitable for aluminium profiles with plastic diffuser and inner height 6-20 mm.

Suitable to use with for LED Profile with inner profile height 6-20 mm. 

– indoor: interior design, furniture (kitchen cabinets, closets), stairs, exhibitors, advertisement, hotels, work stations, (hardly accessible – shaded spots)
– indoor and outdoor (profile is not waterproof, not to be applied if directly exposed to weather conditions)

-Width: 10mm

-Voltage: 12V-24V

-Length: 52mm

-Max Current: 8 Amps

-Load: 60W (12V); 120W(24V)

-Min distance: 2 meter

-Standby Time: Adjustable about 6-70S