Outdoor Water Feature LED LIGHT Kit Garden, Pond, Fountain RGB KIT

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$82.00 incl GST


Volka Lighting



  • Decorative elements around Pool, Spa or Sauna
  • Outdoor Art or Exhibition lights 
  • Fish Tank or Pond  
  • Fountain

KIT includes:

–   Waterproof IP 68 Decorative RGB LED Strip SMD5050 30 LEDs/m

–   RGB  LED Controller RF Remote  

–   LED Power Supply (LED driver) Waterproof IP67 

Attention: Even thought the LED control unit and power supply are suitable for outdoor usage, we would strongly recommend you to put them in an enclosure to protect from direct sun or rain. The light strip should not be submersed in a hot water spa. This strip is intended for exterior spa decorations. High temperature (35-40C) in the spa cause LEDs overheating and consequentially loss of colors, shortened life and eventually failure.

Submersion in the hot water spa will VOID THE WARRANTY! 

Volka Lighting



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