LED Dimmer Knob Operated Single Channel

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Volka Lighting



LED dimmer allows you to adjust LED light to appropriate brightness in accordance to your actual need. It is suitable for single LED strip or single LED linear light.Suitable for 5050, 3528 or 335 LED strips and bars. Single color only.


1. Model: VL-CON-K(A)-1CH -12V

2. Working temperature:-20-60°C

3. Supply voltage: DC12V/24V

4. Size: L61 x W33 x H32mm.

5. Weight: 55g

6. Connecting Mode : Common anode

7. Rated load current: <2A

8.  Static power consumption:  <0.5W

9. Output power: 12V/24W 


1.     Supply voltage of this product is DC12/24V. Note: Higher voltage would most likely destroy it.

2.     Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.

3.     Warranty for this product is one year. In this period we guarantee replacement or repairing of the item. Warranty void in case of physical damage and current overload.