Jumbo Ambient Back Light for TV or Home Theater RGB Kit with Remote

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Volka Lighting


Watching a large TV in a dark room can cause a lot of eyestrain. By placing a simple light behind your TV, you create the illusion of depth, resulting in less eyestrain and a more pleasant viewing experience. 

Latest Multicolor LED Technology up to 16 million colors.

The strips are miniature (10mm wide and 3mm deep) but extremely bright and efficient.

The kit is very easy to install, 5 simple steps, takes no more than 5 min.

Convenient control with 24 key remote.

16 static colors and 4 dynamic modes (3 color step, 7 color step, 7 color fade, All fade).

This Kit is suitable for 36″-65″ TVs or Small Home Theatre

Kit includes: 

– 2 x 40 cm Water-Resistant Decorative RGB LED Strip SMD5050 30 LEDs/m

– 2 x 80 cm Water-Resistant Decorative RGB LED Strip SMD5050 30 LEDs/m

– LED Controller with IR remote

– Power Adapter. Australia approved and certified. (International version US/UK/EU also available)

Cable Length:

From LED Strip to controller unit – 100 cm 

From controller unit to the power point – 150 cm 

Wire length  between strips – 50 cm

 You can have up to 5 meters of LEDs in each kit. Please contact us for information  info@volkalighting.com.au


1 Year warranty

How to install:

  1. Select a position for the fitting. Make sure that the surface is dry and free of dust.

Note: Select a position where the strips DO NOT obscure the appliance ventilation holes.

  1. Peel the self adhesive protect layer off the strips and carefully stick strips to the surface.
  2. Connect strips to the control unit. Make sure the key marks are match on both sides.
  3. Plug DC connector to the control unit.
  4. Plug power adapter to the wall outlet.



how-to-install-ambient-light-step-1.jpg  how-to-install-ambient-light-step-2-1.jpg  how-to-install-ambient-light-step-2-2.jpg

how-to-install-ambient-light-step-2.jpg how-to-install-ambient-light-step-3-1.jpg  how-to-install-ambient-light-step-3-2.jpg


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