12V Mini LED Dimmer with RF Remote

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Volka Lighting


Universal single color mini LED dimmer with RF remote can dim most 5~24VDC LED products from 15%-100% using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

8 dynamic modes with adjustable speed control.

Features power cycle mode retention. Maximum load is 4 amps. 

1 Remote to 1 controller pairing.

Range greater than 15m in open air.

Battery for RF remote included.

Working Temperature: -20-60C

Supply Voltage: DC5-24V

Controller Size: L35xW15xH4.5mm

Static Power Consumption: ‹ 0.5W

Output: 1 channel

Connecting mode: Common anode

Output: ‹ 6A

Output Power: 5V 30W, 12V 72W, 24V 144W



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