11W A19 LED Light Bulb – Energy Star Certified

We carry a large selection of what are commonly referred to as standard light bulbs. Standard LED bulbs refer to bulbs that fit into E26/E27 sockets, which is the traditional light socket you’d find around your home or garage. Even though all these bulbs may fit into your home’s sockets or fixtures doesn’t mean all of them are fully compatible. Bulbs that are labeled as “12V” or “24V” in the title should not be installed into 120V sockets found commonly around your home. Installing 12/24V bulbs into 120V sockets will cause a short and can ruin your socket and bulb. 12/24V bulbs are only intended to be used in low-voltage applications like RVs, Boats, and off-grid homes powered by renewable energy systems. If you are unsure of which bulb is right for you please feel free to contact our technical support team and they will assist you to find the right bulb for you.

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